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I admit I've done some pretty stupid/random/funny/crazy stuff when I've drank too much.  Here are a few that stick out in my mind

1)  When I was a freshman at UNK, my best friend was dating this guy that I knew from high school.  He seemed like a cool guy when I knew him, so when we ran into him outside his dorm one night, I decided to hook them up.  For a few months, everything went fine.  Then, she called me sobbing one night, saying that "Bob" had been secretly taping their sex sessions on his webcam in his dorm room, and letting his friends watch the videos.  One of his friends had confessed to my best friend that he had seen the videos.  The next night, I ended up getting really hammered at a party, and when my friends and I were walking back to the dorms, we saw Bob's white truck parked in the dorm parking lot.  I had a black Sharpie in my purse, and I stumbled up to his truck and wrote in big letters, "HONK IF YOU HAVE ONE NUT" on the tailgate.   I don't know why I decided to write that, but I was pretty damn drunk.  I was laughing so hard, that I peed my pants in the parking lot.  "Bob" never found out that it was me, but when I ran into him at a party a month later, his friends were referring to him as "Uni-ball".   That was probably the most drunkenly ruthless thing I've done.
2)  I was foolishly goofing around on a friend's elliptical machine after one too many cocktails, and when I got off of it, I lost my balance and plowed into her bookshelf, breaking not only my hand, but three hundred dollars worth of Austrian crystals she had been displaying on the shelf
3)  Last summer, my friend Jen had a few people over to her house after the bars closed.  She babysits her nephew a lot, so she had bought a small plastic baby pool to keep in her backyard for him.   I had been drinking since five, and it was past one, so I was pretty blitzed.  I decided I wanted to get in the baby pool, so I dug out the hose and filled up the pool.  I put my purse about ten feet away from the pool, along with my jeans and shirt.  After everyone saw how much fun I was having in the pool, a few more people got in. It got really crowded, and I was forced to lean up against the plastic side of the pool.  Well, the flimsy side of the pool buckled, and the water WOOOOSHED out, taking me and everyone else along with it.  I ended up soaking my clothes and my purse, ruining my cell phone.  
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