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Good night

I invited my customer out on Fri night with an all paid evening on me/my company. 16 blokes and their managers, 4 bowling lanes and  credit card behind the bar - could be expensive!!

Met a few of the turbo gang at The Cricketers (pub) surrounded by St George flags (World Cup) and proceeded to drink ourselves into merryment - didnt take long :o). I had leave them early as my girlfriend was away on holiday in Wales and I was looking after her cat and had to feed Av before I went out bowling. Hit my flat, shower shave etc and bombed down there by taxi (kept running outside) while I sorted out Avpuss. By this time I was running late and had to book everyone in to the bowling alley bieng the host etc.
Got there to find not only had the chaps not turned up but my company credit card had been refused as it was not chip&pin !!! A few choice words followed by a huge rant that they gave in and the manager authorised it. Wouldnt accept it behind the bar though, so had to pay in cash.
Nearly all the chaps turned up and we proceeded to get fairly mullered and pissing ourselves laughing at the "cool guys" who thought they could bowl and the rest if us who just enjoyed making a right tit out of each other.

Left there pretty buzzy and caught the tram into Croydon for a few night caps and then staggered back to bed. Good thing from the evening - working with guys for 2 years and only when you offer free beer not only do you find out so much more about them but you find out that they appreciate the offer of being taken out that they would let me pay for the beer all night. Ended up with quite a few Jack D's to sup before the walk of death down Croydon High St.

Woke up in the morning with a baggy head and bimbled around to my flat and washed clothes etc before going into London to pick up my girlfriend from the station.

Next weekend - a quiet one although we are going to a friends Toga party.................. second thoughts maybe not too quiet after all ;o)
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