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Beer Pong

Well since vandala asked me about the rules of Beer Pong, I decided the best thing to do would be create a whole new post about it,  that way anyone can chip in with their own versions/rules/regulations. That, and since this community is entirely about drinking/drunkeness I figure what better a place to write about the world's greatest drinking game?

So first things first. Beer Pong is a highly competitive and engaging sport, especially popular in the college community (at least in my area). This popularity is probably due to the relative ease of creating a space for playing, even in tiny dorm rooms. I have seen people do some pretty amazing things such as ripping off closet doors and air conditioning vents all in the name of making a suitable ponging table. It is also highly addicting, and very common for people to come together and drink purely for the sake of playing (such as the tournament mentioned in my previous story).

Now that Ive blabbed on about the general awesomness that is beer pong, here are the rules. For a basic game of beer pong you will need:

14 solo cups
2 ping pong balls
a long, flat table
4 people 
4 beers

As far as the table goes, in a pinch you can really use any long, flat, surface. This comes in particularly handy in places like dorm rooms, which usually lack suitable tables. Like I mentioned earlier, closet doors can make excellent tables if you balance them on the backs of two chairs, making the table an appropriate height. Just make sure the doors are re-attachable before you go ripping them off their hinges. Your best beer pong table is about waist high, at LEAST 6 ft long and has a hard enough surface for a ping pong ball to be able to bounce on. 
You can also play with half as many people, but its only half as fun, and therefore not recommended.

The setup of the game looks like this:

Excusing my really crappy ms-paint rendering, lets focus on the yellow cups first. Those represent your beer cups. Unlike in my drawing, hopefully when you play, yours will be set up in a much straighter, pyramid-like fashion, and will all be the same size. Before the start of each  game, these cups will be filled part way with beer. One beer should be split between three cups, meaning two beers will be needed to fill each side, or 4 beers in all. The blue cups represent your water cups. These can really be any kind of cups and dont even need to be directly on the table, since noone will actually be aiming for them. However, they are vitally important since once your start lobbing ping pong balls, a good percentage of the time theyll end up hitting the floor. A courtesydunk in the water cup to rinse of your ball is REQUIRED before a return lobby, because nobody wants any dirt or hair in their beer. Thats just nasty.
The game will be split into two two-man teams. Choose your partner wisely. The two teams will be standing at either end of the table, behind their respective pyramid. 

All-in-all the basic goal of the game is to throw your ping pong ball into one of the other team's cups of beer. Each time you make a ball in, that person has to drink that respective beer. Simple right? Now lets get into rules.

First off you have to decide which team gets to shoot first. I suppose this can be done in a variety of ways. Flipping a coin, rock-paper-scissors, whining like a little bitch until the other team gives it to you, etc. However, I have found the most fair and way to do it is with a shoot off. In order to do a shoot off, two players from opposing teams throw a ball at the opposing cups simultaneously, WHILE locking gazes. If done correctly the two players should be shooting 'blindly' so to speak because they will be staring into eachother's eyes instead of the cups. Whoever makes a ball into the cups goes first. If neither or both people make a cup, their partners step in and repeat the process until only one person makes it. 

Once the matter of who goes first is settled, the game becomes pretty straight forward. Each team takes turns shooting at eachother's cups. Both teammates get one chance each to make a ball into the other teams cups. Whenever a person makes a ball into an opposing cup, that team must drink from it. Whoever takes out the other team's cups first wins. 

Heres some specifics:

-Im going to say this again. ALWAYS dunk you're ball in the water cup before you shoot. If you don't everyone will hate you.

-Bouncing: If a player bounces a ball instead of lobbing it and it lands in a cup, it counts as TWO cups. HOWEVER, if the opposing teams sees the ball being bounced, they are allowed to swat it out of the way before it reaches their cups. This can be a risky move, but the pay off is well worth it. Its usually smartest to bring this move out later in the night, when everyones alittle inebriatedand are hampered by slow reaction times. The drunker someone looks, the more appropriate the time to bounce. Its not uncommon for someone who's hammered off their ass to knock over their whole rack trying to swat a ball away. Watching them stare dumbly at their wasted beer is also hilarious, especially when you're also hammered.

-If during a turn, BOTH teammates make a ball into a cup, then the balls are given back  and that team gets to shoot again as a reward for being so badass. This counts for bounces too.

-Each team gets one re-rack that they may use at any time of the game. In order to use a re-rack, the team needs to request it BEFORE beginning their turn, and the opposing team must rearrange their cups as requested. You can technically request the cups to be arranged however your want, but some popular re-racks are: "The diamond"-4 cups left, arranged in the shape of a diamond, "the penis"-4 cups, arranged in the shape of a penis (for the record, this re-rack doesnt seem to be very beneficial for anything besides immature humor), "the pyramid-3 cups, pyramid shape...of course, "the power I"- 3 cups, arranged in a straight line. 

-Finger and Blow: If the ball is circling around the inside rim of the cup and hasnt touched the beer yet, the finger or blow rule can come into play. Which technique you use depends upon your gender. If you're a guy you can reach in the cup and "finger" the ball out before it touches the beer, and if you're a girl you can attempt to "blow" it out. Personally I find this rule to be kind of useless, since its nearly impossible to 'blow' a ping pong ball out of a cup, and 9 out of 10 times when a guy tries to finger a ball out he just ends up knocking the cup over and wasting beer. 

-If two people make a ball into the SAME cup, the game is over. Therefore when someone makes a cup, you should move it as quickly as possible. Also if you're holding a cup with beer in it and somone aims for it and makes it, the game is over. Even though I have RARELY seen this happen, you should probably drink youre beer quickly just in case someone gets incredibly lucky. 

-When the last cup is made, the opposing team gets one last chance to come back, appropriately named "redemption". During redemption, the losing team gets one last turn to shoot at the winning team's cups. If during this turn, the losing team is able to make ALL of the winning team's remaining cups, the game doesnt end. Instead, both teams must set out three cups in a pyramid shape and fill them up with one beer, and the game continues. If the losing team doesnt make all of the cups, then they ...lose. 

So thats it. Im amazed I actually wrote all that out. Feel free to debate and/or discuss your own versions of the game. 

But now Im wondering if beer pong really is more of a regional thing, and if y'all play something else in other locals?
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I LIKE IT !!!!! Especially the bounce and swipe action, can envisage beer flying up the walls and everywhere. When I've finished work and back home, I'll tell you about the "dunkin doughnut" game

PS - your fingers must be on fire after typing all that..............
yea i got a hand cramp halfway through, but pushed through the pain in order to bring you guys the fine game of beer pong ;)
Oooh, what a WONDERFUL GAME!!!

That sounds like so much fun. Thank you for taking the time to post this!

I'm from CA, I've never heard of it. I'm also not in college, so that might have something to do with it as well. =)

I generally stick to drinking card games. They seem to be the easiest and most beneficial to my inebriation. ;)

My favorite drinking game is called Captain Dick Head. It's a card game with many many rules. I've written it out and posted it in my personal journal several years back, however I don't remember JUST when, so I can't find it quickly. If I happen to come across it, I'll post it here.

In a nut shell, you place one large cup in the center of the table. You take a full deck of cards, face down and circle them around the cup.

Each card has a special rule that goes with it. For instance 9 is a rhyme, 2 is thumb master, Jacks men drink, Queen ladies drink. King means you pour some of your beer into the center cup, 10 you get to make up a rule that lasts the whole game through and Ace makes you CAPTAIN DICK HEAD.

ALL the cards have rules, but I'll post them later once I find that entry.

Captain Dick Head makes a rule that lasts until a new Captain is pulled.
The rules vary and can be WHATEVER you want.

Such as:

Before taking a drink, player must quote a movie/song/something like this.
If you don't remember you drink for [insert amount of seconds]
No player may cuss.
No player may speak another players name.
No player may look another player in the eye.
No player may cross their legs, arms, eyes or other body parts.

All of these rules, if broken, have consequences made up by the rule maker. These can vary from drink times, to removing clothing to the licking of ones toes (this is NEVER fun...)

The main goal of this game is to get all four kings pulled from the deck. As the game plays on the cup will gradually fill up (and if you have friends like MINE, the cup will be a mixture of different beers, wines, hard alcohols and *shudder* MALT liquor...) It's never a pretty drink to swallow, and even though the person who pulls the last King is considered the winner, you really are the LOSER... =)

Wow. I hadn't meant to make that so long. Lol. I guess I got carried away. =)

Anyway, I will SO be teaching this game to my friends. Thank you again!

No problem :)

We have a game kind of like that down here called "Circle of Death", although I think our numbers are different. 2 is you, and 5 is guys and 6 is chicks, and i think 10 is waterfall. Apparantly all our rules have to rhyme really gayly, although it does make it easier to remember when youre drunk.

Except for all the people I play with you place a bottle in the center and balance all the cards drawn from the deck on top of it-ala Jenga. The first person to knock it over has to drink. Although honestly I like the pitcher in the middle rule alot better. Sounds so much more spiteful!
I just remembered. =) The rule on all even numbers (with the acception of thumb master) you can drink your full number or divide it among yourself and other players. You pull an eight, you drink four and give someone else four. You drink one and get the hot guy you're trying to seduce drunk by giving him seven. =) Fun times! Hehe.

The jenga rule sounds fun too, but I do agree that the center cup makes it a bit more risky because you have to DRINK that in the end. =)

(Although one time I got the last ten, so no one could out law my rule. My rule was "The drinker of the cup, once the final King is pulled, will be decided by me."

And I gave that nasty emulsion to a friend of mine who'd been bugging me allll night. =)
hahaha, nice

Ill have to remember that rule when i teach my friends this superior version of Circle of Death =)
so i was playing beer pong the other night, and it was badass.
then I got a M.I.C.
true story.