Metal-fueled Thought Crime (beerdiablo) wrote in onedrunknight,
Metal-fueled Thought Crime

captspastic suggested I post to this group and I may have found kindred spirits:

My American Pie-esque experience with "hot peppers":

I had made pico de gallo earlier in the day, which requires cutting up fresh jalepeños.
Later in the evening I was partying with my girlfriend and making Cube Librés, which requires cutting up fresh limes.

I thought I had washed the cutting board well.

Soon our tingling, engorged naughty bits soon became BURNING, engorged naughty bits.

Quoth the girlfriend: "My hoo-hoos on fire".

Funny as hell, though I only laughed when I was out of earshot while retrieving coolant for said BURNING, engorged naughty bits. 
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