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For your reading pleasure...

A cold December night, several years ago.
It was my birthday. I had a really awesome masquerade party. It went off without a hitch.
Everyone was dressed to kill, in their best gowns/suits. 400+ balloons floating about. We had a ton of fun, and even more to drink. It was "one of those nights".

By the nights wind down point, there were only a few of us left one of them being our beloved DD. Drunks tend to get hungry afterwhile, and so we called to our DD for a lift to the local Jack in the Box.

And so we went.

We pull into the drive through and place our order. It's pretty swamped. Around five people ahead of us, maybe six or so behind. I couldn't quite tell.

Aside from getting hungry, drunks also have to pee. A lot. I was one of those drunks.
Not being a restroom near enough, I decide it wont be too bad of an idea to step out of the car -IN THE DRIVETHROUGH- mind you. To tend to my business.

I climb out.

Our driver is calling me back in the car. I don't listen, I'm being egged on by one of the passengers. She climbs out with me. I life my dress, and expose my ass to all the cars behind me. There are honks, hoots and hollers. All the things you expect when a girl wearing thong underpants lifts her dress in a drive through at 2:00 am (or anytime!) on a Saturday night!

I look up, and smile. I wave to my audience, and then think to myself "What in HELL are you doing?"

I let my dress drop back down around my waist, and laugh it off. I take a bow, and climb back into the car...

Waking up the next morning hurt, to say the least.
But there was no dark room dark enough, pain killer strong enough or bottle of water LARGE enough to hide, kill, or wash away the humiliation of remembering what I'd done one night previous.

*Takes Bow*

I do believe, I have WON the grand prize for most embarrassing drunken tail EVER!

Thank you...
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