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I woke up Naked [entries|friends|calendar]
One Drunk Night

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(Drink and Dial)

Morning Aftertaste [06 Aug 2010|06:36pm]

Ever woke up with the taste of a drink in your mouth that you didn't have the night before?
This morning it was margaritas. Very spooky.

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League Of Clutch [15 Feb 2008|07:17pm]


Written by Zak Tillman 

I started writing this story yesterday before anything got really good and interesting. But after what happened last night I felt like I needed a better introduction to fully explain the events that unfolded for Baker and I. No words can really describe how I feel about last night and I am writing this story embarrased and humiliated but also while laughing my ass off thinking about it. I dont know if thats a good sign or a bad sign. But I guess I’ll start from the beggining and explain the timeline from where we started and how i ended running back to the house from an apartment complex talking into my recording saying “I’m Zak Mother Fucking Tillman, I dont fuck fatties.” Yeah this will be a good one, if you dont think I’m an ass hole yet you most definitely will after this post.

So Baker and I decided that we needed to step up our beer pong skills for the tournament we are having next weekend, we wanted to practice all day and have plenty of beers to do it. So we go to Wal-Mart, buy beers and also t-shirts so we could make our official “League Of Clutch” shirts that we are wearing for the party. We ended up buy 3 cases…..each containing 30 keystones…..at the time we were only planning on us drinking all 90 beers, sadly thats not what happened but it was a solid idea at the time. So we get back to the house and start drinking around 5 p.m. Start off with a few intense games of pong and then we startedto step it up a little and keep tracks of wins, losses, number of misses andall that jazz. That didn’t last too long because I got bored writing all that shit and not drinking my beers fast enough. But it was a pretty good idea if you want to critique how you played. But anywho we are playing some pong and bull shitting. One of the best conversations we had.

Chris- “Could you imagine if 20 people like us were together in the same house?”

Zak- That would be awesome

Chris- “You wouldnt get any sleep at all, someone would always be challanging someone to beer pong.”

Zak- “Our production in life would drop off but we would be awesome pong players.”

Chris- “Yeah but we could videotape it and then sell it and thats how we would make our money.”

Zak- “Thats an awesome idea, we should do it.”

Zak- “Someone would be sleeping and then someone else would come banging on the door yelling CHALLANGE. They’d wake up yelling FUCK YOU, YOU CHALLANGED ME LETS GO BITCH YOU JUST A FUCKING AMATURE.”

Yeah that was a good one and a good idea, I dont know if there are 20 people like us in the world though so it might not be possible.

So we keep playing pong for awhile and the Chris gets a phone call from the girl who he has been fucking saying that her and a few of her friends wanna come over. And natrually we think its a great idea, im thinking hmm she brings friends over and we are both gonna get laid. How could this night end badly, well heres how. We were 19 games in when they got there and it was the girl who Chris is fucking 3 guys 2 of which I think might be gay the other one was there with his girlfriend who wasn’t very attractive. And then there was the fatty, now dont get me wrong she had a cute face but I shit you not she was easily a deuce, deuce and a half. My roommate who we will call Eli said the next morning that he pinned her at 250 lbs. Yeah not a good thing at all. But we played 8 more games of pong with them and then some people started leaving and i could tell Baker was ready to go upstairs with the girl. Now what was I to do, well I could go to bed and listen to Baker and the girl fuck all night. I could stay downstairs play madden and mess around on the computer or I could go home with the fatty and have my first fatty experience. A sober Zak would have know what to do. Play some Madden chat online and then whack off to some internet porn. Now the drunk and horny Zak…..yeah……lets just say he is a fucking moron. Now I have been good up to this part of my life, I’ve slept with 28 girls and im 19, and I have 0 stds, 0 kids (that I know about and thats all that matters) and 0 fatties. Well all of that is about to change, I decided to go home with the fatty if you hadn’t figured it out yet. We get there and she decides she wants to shower so i sit on the couch and watched some of “Alpha Dog” whiched sucked but she liked it so I said I did too so I could fuck. Not that I needed to impress her or try and convince her……shes a fatty she was lucky i came home with her and she knew it. But she gets out, we go to the bed and we start the forplay…..she made me work for it whiched pissed me off. WOMEN I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO. Lets fuck and get it over with. And we did, it was about half way in when I realized what I was doing, I stopped looked at her, threw up abit in my mouth and told her i was drunk and having a problem getting it up…..I wasn’t at all……..but I said I was gonna go smoke a cigarette to calm down and then i’d come right back. Well I think she knew what I was doing, she said she had to pee as i was getting my clothes on. I was trying to get them on as fast as I could but I couldn’t find my fucking socks. I got them on right as she was coming out and she said I’m coming with you. This scared the hell out of me, I could have been trapped. But I’m pretty quick on my feet, I got up and went right for the door. She asked where her keys were I told her as I was unlocking the door so she would think I was trying to help. When I got the door unlocked and was in the hallway I sprinted for the outside door and ran through the complex and through Ball State’s campus. I had my recorder on and with me as I was running and I will just give you guys some of what I said.

“Alright note to self….NO FATTIES. Alright heres the thing, Chris had his girl coming over to fuck, we played 27 games of beer pong…..man i need a smoke…..we were both drunk he was gonna fuck his girl. His girl brought a fatty with her, she had a cute face but she was a fatty. Well decided to take one for the team and go back to her apartment. As I was fucking her I said to myself…..dude your Zak Mother Fuckin Tillman, you dont mack on fucking fatties. I dont do that shit why would I fuck a fatty for. IM ZAK MOTHER FUCKING TILLMAN. Damn I just dropped my recorder hopefully you still work. But yeah uh so im doin the dirty dirty sadly, sadly im reiterating that as much as possible it was sadly. I tell this bitch, my dick wont get hard, im gonna smoke a cigarette and calm down so i can get my dick hard. This dumb bitch believes me, she actually doesn’t believe me at all. She was like alright i gotta pee, im trying to get my shit on and she says alright im coming with you. I shit you not I haul tailed my ass out of there. I bust out that fucking door and i sprinted out that door, across the apartment complex across the road and into Ball State campus. And uh yeah truth be told I aint never taking a back seat again, not for some fatty. I’d rather whack off to some porn man. That shit was nasty UGH I fucked a fatty knowingly. Oh well this will make an interesting story in the morning. Watch come knocking on our door trying to whip my ass. I’d be like fucking go away we dont want no fatties here. I dont know what Baker was thinking when he was fucking fatties but that shit is nasty. But damn…..damn. dammit droped my recorder again.”

Yeah that was probably the best of it, I’m not proud of what I did but I am happy that after all of that I was still thinking about my blog. Anyways I get home and Chris and the girl are in the middle of stuff and I come banging on the door, now im not usually a cock block but some stories are more important then sex and this in my mind was one of the stories. But he decides he wants to finish so i go downstairs and play Madden. Chris comes down with her sadly since it was her friend. I tell the story and hes laughing and she looks disgusted……I love that look lets me know im doing my job. But we argue and talk for awhile and they decide to go to bed, I was pissed cause Baker was acting like a bitch cause she was around but I understand we’ve all been there. But a third and forth party will now enter the story, our 2 other roommates heard all of what Baker and his girl were doing and they were texting each other and talking about it i’ll give you some of the dialogue. We will call one roommate Eli and the other one Kevin.

Eli- “Dont use the shower in the morning from future Kyle.”

Kevin- “HAHA, K

Eli- “But honestly though I wouldn’t use the shower, are you still awake?”

Kevin- Yah. Those dumb bitches have kept me in and out of sleep.”

Eli- “Do you know whos in the shower.”

Kevin- “No I can’t tell someone is though.”

Eli-” It’s Chris and some girl.”

Kevin- “LOL. R u sure? I can hear Chris’s voice. It sounds like their downstairs. Is it a fatty?”

Eli- “She’s decent sized.”

Kevin- “Lol, must be a tight squeze.”

Eli- “You have to see the fatty that Zak went home with.”

Kevin- “LOL well that might be better than him liking guys.”

Eli- “This sucks I can hear every little thing they do and say.”

Kevin- “Welcome to my world. they’re done though. Oh god whats on her face.”

Eli- “HAHA they are moving into Chris’s room you get to deal with it now.”

Kevin- “God dammit, what the fuck I cant get away from these sluts.”

Eli- “I hope he pisses on her again.”

Kevin- “Ha. I think he pissed in there again the other day and I hope he cant get it up like last time.”

Eli- “Did you know that the last time he pissed on her she woke up and thought it was wet cause she was sick and sweating?”

Kevin- “Lol, what a moron.”

Eli- “Well Im gonna try and go to bed durring this intermission.”

Kevin- “yeah good idea. Ugh I think i hear them again. Later.”

If you dont understand whats going on here I’ll be happy to explain it. Chris was having sex in the shower at first and my roommates could hear them and were texting eachother back and forth from their rooms. The Chris and the girl went to Chris’s room which is right next to Kyle’s room and he can always here it when Baker and I have girls over. But I just found that out this morning and though and thought it would be a new add to this blog. And a few more add ons that I didnt plan on having. I wake up this morning and Chris is pissed on the chair, I thought he was mad at me but then he said “I have a good edition to the blog.”

Zak- “Oh god what happened.”

Chris- “Well when we went to the gas station to get condoms my tire came off my rim.”

I sat there for a second and looked at him, got up without saying a word and walked outside to look. I just walked back in laughed and said “Yeah that makes sense.”

And the last add on, I went to eat with my grandparents, aunt and brother and I was telling my brother the story about the fatty outside Applebees smoking a cigarette. When I got done this cute girl leans around the corner looks at me laughs and says yeah I could hear that all the way over here…….I just looked back laughed and said “Yup that’s awesome.”

Needless to say I am no longer gonna fuck fatties and the funny thing is I ended up playing madden chatting online and whacking off……….next time i’ll make that the overal plan.

(Drink and Dial)

St. Patrick's day wildness [19 Mar 2007|11:05am]

I only mention it, because I wasn't wild. But I would like to read some wild stories if you have any. :)

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oops! ha ha! [03 Mar 2007|09:49pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I admit I've done some pretty stupid/random/funny/crazy stuff when I've drank too much.  Here are a few that stick out in my mind

1)  When I was a freshman at UNK, my best friend was dating this guy that I knew from high school.  He seemed like a cool guy when I knew him, so when we ran into him outside his dorm one night, I decided to hook them up.  For a few months, everything went fine.  Then, she called me sobbing one night, saying that "Bob" had been secretly taping their sex sessions on his webcam in his dorm room, and letting his friends watch the videos.  One of his friends had confessed to my best friend that he had seen the videos.  The next night, I ended up getting really hammered at a party, and when my friends and I were walking back to the dorms, we saw Bob's white truck parked in the dorm parking lot.  I had a black Sharpie in my purse, and I stumbled up to his truck and wrote in big letters, "HONK IF YOU HAVE ONE NUT" on the tailgate.   I don't know why I decided to write that, but I was pretty damn drunk.  I was laughing so hard, that I peed my pants in the parking lot.  "Bob" never found out that it was me, but when I ran into him at a party a month later, his friends were referring to him as "Uni-ball".   That was probably the most drunkenly ruthless thing I've done.
2)  I was foolishly goofing around on a friend's elliptical machine after one too many cocktails, and when I got off of it, I lost my balance and plowed into her bookshelf, breaking not only my hand, but three hundred dollars worth of Austrian crystals she had been displaying on the shelf
3)  Last summer, my friend Jen had a few people over to her house after the bars closed.  She babysits her nephew a lot, so she had bought a small plastic baby pool to keep in her backyard for him.   I had been drinking since five, and it was past one, so I was pretty blitzed.  I decided I wanted to get in the baby pool, so I dug out the hose and filled up the pool.  I put my purse about ten feet away from the pool, along with my jeans and shirt.  After everyone saw how much fun I was having in the pool, a few more people got in. It got really crowded, and I was forced to lean up against the plastic side of the pool.  Well, the flimsy side of the pool buckled, and the water WOOOOSHED out, taking me and everyone else along with it.  I ended up soaking my clothes and my purse, ruining my cell phone.  

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Drunken nights in Havasu. [29 Sep 2006|12:08am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Recently I took a trip to Havasu where I had one night of plain out drunken stupidity.
I never even thought to share the stories here until I read a new post to the community that reminded me of it.

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[28 Sep 2006|12:34pm]

finally, a somewhat active drunk journal ... nice colors, too ... remind me of absinthe ... anyway, every time i drink heavily at home i black out, then then do things ... all sorts of things ... i can tell by how many things are different in my apartment the next day from the way i last remember them ... and one time at least, i went over to the convenience store and bought a bag of snacks ... ate them all ... and wondered where the wrappers came from the next day! ...

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Half-ass'd Drink Recipe: [22 Jul 2006|02:55am]

"Steph's Tropical Punch"

2 parts Malibu Passion Fruit Rum
1 part Tropicana Mango-Passion Fruit Juice

~serve on the rocks!

...for "lightweights" [like me], 2 parts juice for 1 part rum instead. *nod*

Mmm, yesh, kickass drunk-typing skills are beneficial for intoxicated entries. ^_^

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When It's Safe to Go Back [21 Jul 2006|09:44pm]

[ mood | Ddrriiinking ]

¿When is it safe to go back to bar after an "incident"? I'll categorize:

A. Witnesses, incl.employees.

B. No witnesses, purely circumstantial.

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A Nuclear Blast... [12 Jul 2006|07:37pm]

I went to Pennsylvania this past weekend with my boyfriend to visit a friend of his.
There were only four of us drinking, but we had this much alcohol for the night:

quarter keg of Coors Light
case of Corona
bottle of Malibu rum
case of Guinness*
bottle of Baily's Irish creme*
bottle of Jameson Irish whiskey*
[*for Irish Car Bombs]

The view of Three Mile Island is even better whilst heavily intoxicated.

I'd post with details... but I can't really remember many. ^_^;

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Good night [12 Jun 2006|07:37am]

[ mood | happy ]

I invited my customer out on Fri night with an all paid evening on me/my company. 16 blokes and their managers, 4 bowling lanes and  credit card behind the bar - could be expensive!!

Met a few of the turbo gang at The Cricketers (pub) surrounded by St George flags (World Cup) and proceeded to drink ourselves into merryment - didnt take long :o). I had leave them early as my girlfriend was away on holiday in Wales and I was looking after her cat and had to feed Av before I went out bowling. Hit my flat, shower shave etc and bombed down there by taxi (kept running outside) while I sorted out Avpuss. By this time I was running late and had to book everyone in to the bowling alley bieng the host etc.
Got there to find not only had the chaps not turned up but my company credit card had been refused as it was not chip&pin !!! A few choice words followed by a huge rant that they gave in and the manager authorised it. Wouldnt accept it behind the bar though, so had to pay in cash.
Nearly all the chaps turned up and we proceeded to get fairly mullered and pissing ourselves laughing at the "cool guys" who thought they could bowl and the rest if us who just enjoyed making a right tit out of each other.

Left there pretty buzzy and caught the tram into Croydon for a few night caps and then staggered back to bed. Good thing from the evening - working with guys for 2 years and only when you offer free beer not only do you find out so much more about them but you find out that they appreciate the offer of being taken out that they would let me pay for the beer all night. Ended up with quite a few Jack D's to sup before the walk of death down Croydon High St.

Woke up in the morning with a baggy head and bimbled around to my flat and washed clothes etc before going into London to pick up my girlfriend from the station.

Next weekend - a quiet one although we are going to a friends Toga party.................. second thoughts maybe not too quiet after all ;o)

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Beer Pong [05 Jun 2006|11:54am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Well since vandala asked me about the rules of Beer Pong, I decided the best thing to do would be create a whole new post about it,  that way anyone can chip in with their own versions/rules/regulations. That, and since this community is entirely about drinking/drunkeness I figure what better a place to write about the world's greatest drinking game?

So first things first. Beer Pong is a highly competitive and engaging sport, especially popular in the college community (at least in my area). This popularity is probably due to the relative ease of creating a space for playing, even in tiny dorm rooms. I have seen people do some pretty amazing things such as ripping off closet doors and air conditioning vents all in the name of making a suitable ponging table. It is also highly addicting, and very common for people to come together and drink purely for the sake of playing (such as the tournament mentioned in my previous story).

Now that Ive blabbed on about the general awesomness that is beer pong, here are the rules. For a basic game of beer pong you will need:

14 solo cups
2 ping pong balls
a long, flat table
4 people 
4 beers

As far as the table goes, in a pinch you can really use any long, flat, surface. This comes in particularly handy in places like dorm rooms, which usually lack suitable tables. Like I mentioned earlier, closet doors can make excellent tables if you balance them on the backs of two chairs, making the table an appropriate height. Just make sure the doors are re-attachable before you go ripping them off their hinges. Your best beer pong table is about waist high, at LEAST 6 ft long and has a hard enough surface for a ping pong ball to be able to bounce on. 
You can also play with half as many people, but its only half as fun, and therefore not recommended.

The setup of the game looks like this:

Excusing my really crappy ms-paint rendering, lets focus on the yellow cups first. Those represent your beer cups. Unlike in my drawing, hopefully when you play, yours will be set up in a much straighter, pyramid-like fashion, and will all be the same size. Before the start of each  game, these cups will be filled part way with beer. One beer should be split between three cups, meaning two beers will be needed to fill each side, or 4 beers in all. The blue cups represent your water cups. These can really be any kind of cups and dont even need to be directly on the table, since noone will actually be aiming for them. However, they are vitally important since once your start lobbing ping pong balls, a good percentage of the time theyll end up hitting the floor. A courtesydunk in the water cup to rinse of your ball is REQUIRED before a return lobby, because nobody wants any dirt or hair in their beer. Thats just nasty.
The game will be split into two two-man teams. Choose your partner wisely. The two teams will be standing at either end of the table, behind their respective pyramid. 

All-in-all the basic goal of the game is to throw your ping pong ball into one of the other team's cups of beer. Each time you make a ball in, that person has to drink that respective beer. Simple right? Now lets get into rules.

First off you have to decide which team gets to shoot first. I suppose this can be done in a variety of ways. Flipping a coin, rock-paper-scissors, whining like a little bitch until the other team gives it to you, etc. However, I have found the most fair and sportsman..ly way to do it is with a shoot off. In order to do a shoot off, two players from opposing teams throw a ball at the opposing cups simultaneously, WHILE locking gazes. If done correctly the two players should be shooting 'blindly' so to speak because they will be staring into eachother's eyes instead of the cups. Whoever makes a ball into the cups goes first. If neither or both people make a cup, their partners step in and repeat the process until only one person makes it. 

Once the matter of who goes first is settled, the game becomes pretty straight forward. Each team takes turns shooting at eachother's cups. Both teammates get one chance each to make a ball into the other teams cups. Whenever a person makes a ball into an opposing cup, that team must drink from it. Whoever takes out the other team's cups first wins. 

Heres some specifics:

-Im going to say this again. ALWAYS dunk you're ball in the water cup before you shoot. If you don't everyone will hate you.

-Bouncing: If a player bounces a ball instead of lobbing it and it lands in a cup, it counts as TWO cups. HOWEVER, if the opposing teams sees the ball being bounced, they are allowed to swat it out of the way before it reaches their cups. This can be a risky move, but the pay off is well worth it. Its usually smartest to bring this move out later in the night, when everyones alittle inebriatedand are hampered by slow reaction times. The drunker someone looks, the more appropriate the time to bounce. Its not uncommon for someone who's hammered off their ass to knock over their whole rack trying to swat a ball away. Watching them stare dumbly at their wasted beer is also hilarious, especially when you're also hammered.

-If during a turn, BOTH teammates make a ball into a cup, then the balls are given back  and that team gets to shoot again as a reward for being so badass. This counts for bounces too.

-Each team gets one re-rack that they may use at any time of the game. In order to use a re-rack, the team needs to request it BEFORE beginning their turn, and the opposing team must rearrange their cups as requested. You can technically request the cups to be arranged however your want, but some popular re-racks are: "The diamond"-4 cups left, arranged in the shape of a diamond, "the penis"-4 cups, arranged in the shape of a penis (for the record, this re-rack doesnt seem to be very beneficial for anything besides immature humor), "the pyramid-3 cups, pyramid shape...of course, "the power I"- 3 cups, arranged in a straight line. 

-Finger and Blow: If the ball is circling around the inside rim of the cup and hasnt touched the beer yet, the finger or blow rule can come into play. Which technique you use depends upon your gender. If you're a guy you can reach in the cup and "finger" the ball out before it touches the beer, and if you're a girl you can attempt to "blow" it out. Personally I find this rule to be kind of useless, since its nearly impossible to 'blow' a ping pong ball out of a cup, and 9 out of 10 times when a guy tries to finger a ball out he just ends up knocking the cup over and wasting beer. 

-If two people make a ball into the SAME cup, the game is over. Therefore when someone makes a cup, you should move it as quickly as possible. Also if you're holding a cup with beer in it and somone aims for it and makes it, the game is over. Even though I have RARELY seen this happen, you should probably drink youre beer quickly just in case someone gets incredibly lucky. 

-When the last cup is made, the opposing team gets one last chance to come back, appropriately named "redemption". During redemption, the losing team gets one last turn to shoot at the winning team's cups. If during this turn, the losing team is able to make ALL of the winning team's remaining cups, the game doesnt end. Instead, both teams must set out three cups in a pyramid shape and fill them up with one beer, and the game continues. If the losing team doesnt make all of the cups, then they ...lose. 

So thats it. Im amazed I actually wrote all that out. Feel free to debate and/or discuss your own versions of the game. 

But now Im wondering if beer pong really is more of a regional thing, and if y'all play something else in other locals?

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Bloody hell [04 Jun 2006|10:16pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

Just got back to my flat after a hell of a day. Twickenham London World 7's absolutely chuffing brilliant - watched Scotland ( GO ON THE BRAVE ) get stuffed by Portugal, followed by Russia stuffing the Aussies and the whole crowd shouting IGOR IGOR IGOR.......... at Englands home ground - go figure. Then left to take my brother back for his train and heard that not only had NZ been knocked out by Fiji but England had been well and truelly stuffed by Samoe.

Good news, got there at 1030 bar opened at 1200 ish at £3 a pint (err about $ 5 I think) and food terribly expensive for a hot dog that a) wasnt hot and b) defo was not from this planet :o)

But what a f.....g great day watching 16 teams from round the world and had beer on tap. Tip Top !!!!!!

Too bolloxed now to tell all but will update when my brain isnt mucked and fuddled.

Best moment - as Scotland were going out of the competition a lone piper booted and spurred, blew his heart out his bagpipes and the whole crowd chanted FLOWER of SCOTLAND.................. totally emotional and more beer.

I miss home.................................................

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[01 Jun 2006|09:46am]

[ mood | busy ]

I am from London and have been wondering if this community was still active for a few weeks.

I am Ex Royal Navy and hence the alcohol fuddled years with more hilarious stories that I can shake a hairy stick at, some sad and most forgotten in a drunken haze.

Going to watch the London Emirate World 7's at Englands Rugby ground - Twickenham, this weekend with my brother and a few mates. No doubt drunken story to follow as we stagger back through London on my way home.

Hope to share some good evening episodes with all who wish to.

For now back to work..................................................... 

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[31 May 2006|02:05pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Not sure if this community is still active, but its a cool idea and I feel like sharing one of my stories.

This particular night happened awhile ago, but was one of the occurences that helped me to secure the regrettable nickname "Blackout Brenna". 

Anyways, it was a Friday night, and I had decided to travel down to visit some friends at a nearby college because I was thinking of transferring there and wanted to check it out. When I arrived, my friends informed me we were to play in a beer-pong tournament at a nearby frat house. While I enjoy playing beer pong, I usually hate playing tournaments because 90% of the time you're not actually playing, but sitting around waiting. This particular night, I lost my first round, so it was more like 98% of my time was spent sitting around watching. In order to better entertain myself, I decided to play "steal beer from the fridge while the frat guys arent looking". I was about 4 beers into my game, when everyone from my group lost their rounds and decided it was time to leave. 

On the way back, my best friend decided to go visit a guy she had a crush on. Since I was friends with him and his friends, I decided to go along and say hello. We get to his dorm and start talking with the guys about the tournament, and how much of a shame it is that I suck so bad at beer pong. At some point one of the guys disappears and comes back with a tiny water bottle filled with captain  morgan, saying that his roommate is trying to get rid of it, and would someone please drink it. Me and one of my guy friends jump at this generous offer and decide to share it. So we're talking and passing it back and forth, and things start to get a little hazy.

The next morning Im being poked awake by a small, unfamiliar asian dude asking if i could please leave so he could start his homework. Apparently I had wandered into his room at 3 in the morning wearing no shoes and pajama shorts, asking where matt and kacey were. Since it was about 20 degrees and all the rooms are outside access, he had decided it was probably safer for me to stay there than go wandering around in the cold, and had given me a blanket and put me to sleep on his fouton. Highly confused and embarrassed, I apologized profusely and ran back to my friends dorm where everyone had apparantly been searching for me since about three o'clock in the morning when I had wandered away. In fact at some point they ended up calling the cops, and I heard from someone later that they saw officers searching with flashlights through all the ditches for "a little blonde girl". We called the cops back and made up some lame lie about it being a mix-up and a big mistake. The campus police ended up showing up at the dorm anyways, but luckily I had left to check on my car ten minutes before they showed up. My friends lied profusely about the whole event. 

Overall it was a highly stupid and embarassing night, especially since i ended up transferring to that school and into that dorm the next semester. I cant really remember what that little asian guy looked like, but I wonder if he sees me around campus and thinks of me as that drunk girl who wandered into his room at 3am.

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Saturday night [31 Jan 2006|08:43pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

At this point, I still feel very embarrassed about what happened Saturday night. After seeing this guy (occasionally) for the last year, he finally invites me to party at his friends' house....euh, with his friends. Of course, I wanted to make a good impression.

For some reason, I was tanking tequila like there was no tomorrow....not too mention my 6-7 shooters of Goldschlager which I all injested within 2 hours. One of the last thing I remember is flashing my boobs to the crowd in the room....who by the way, was not yet as drunk as me.... And the very last thing I remember is telling my girl friend..."I need to go..."

I woke up on her bathroom floor, my face and hair sticking in my own puke. Don't remember how she got me there....

So I took off my dirty puky clothes and took a hot bath....but realized I was still sick...she had to come and take me out of the bath (but naked) and the sweetheart wrapped me in a big warm towel. What an angel.

I have NO IDEA why at 28 y. old I decided to drink that fast.... I know how to drink but for some reason, I forgot to chill. It must've been the nerves. I don't even remember the last time I got sick like that....It must've been in my teenage years. Oh, and I've NEVER blacked out...

I don't care too much about that right now....I just care about that guy that I embarrassed with my boob flash...and my my drunkness. He will never invite me again.... His roomate told me that his friends were really turned off :-(

People, I swear I'm a good person.... Can't beleive I behaved like that... That was SO NOT me. And they will never know.... I screwed up "the first impression".

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Santa Sightings [27 Dec 2005|10:16pm]

Anybody run into Santa at any of the bars? I did.

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Diving [19 Dec 2005|11:41am]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Anyone have any good "Diving" stories?
My recent adventure:

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[31 Oct 2005|06:04am]

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hey Im katheryne.... what a fabulous idea for a community. I threw together some drinkin pictures to help introduce myelf better...

<a 40oz to freedom was the only chance I hadCollapse )>

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[25 Oct 2005|08:09pm]

captspastic suggested I post to this group and I may have found kindred spirits:

My American Pie-esque experience with "hot peppers":

I had made pico de gallo earlier in the day, which requires cutting up fresh jalepeños.
Later in the evening I was partying with my girlfriend and making Cube Librés, which requires cutting up fresh limes.

I thought I had washed the cutting board well.

Soon our tingling, engorged naughty bits soon became BURNING, engorged naughty bits.

Quoth the girlfriend: "My hoo-hoos on fire".

Funny as hell, though I only laughed when I was out of earshot while retrieving coolant for said BURNING, engorged naughty bits. 

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For your reading pleasure... [05 Oct 2005|10:29pm]

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A cold December night, several years ago.
It was my birthday. I had a really awesome masquerade party. It went off without a hitch.
Everyone was dressed to kill, in their best gowns/suits. 400+ balloons floating about. We had a ton of fun, and even more to drink. It was "one of those nights".

By the nights wind down point, there were only a few of us left one of them being our beloved DD. Drunks tend to get hungry afterwhile, and so we called to our DD for a lift to the local Jack in the Box.

And so we went.

We pull into the drive through and place our order. It's pretty swamped. Around five people ahead of us, maybe six or so behind. I couldn't quite tell.

Aside from getting hungry, drunks also have to pee. A lot. I was one of those drunks.
Not being a restroom near enough, I decide it wont be too bad of an idea to step out of the car -IN THE DRIVETHROUGH- mind you. To tend to my business.

I climb out.

Our driver is calling me back in the car. I don't listen, I'm being egged on by one of the passengers. She climbs out with me. I life my dress, and expose my ass to all the cars behind me. There are honks, hoots and hollers. All the things you expect when a girl wearing thong underpants lifts her dress in a drive through at 2:00 am (or anytime!) on a Saturday night!

I look up, and smile. I wave to my audience, and then think to myself "What in HELL are you doing?"

I let my dress drop back down around my waist, and laugh it off. I take a bow, and climb back into the car...

Waking up the next morning hurt, to say the least.
But there was no dark room dark enough, pain killer strong enough or bottle of water LARGE enough to hide, kill, or wash away the humiliation of remembering what I'd done one night previous.

*Takes Bow*

I do believe, I have WON the grand prize for most embarrassing drunken tail EVER!

Thank you...

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