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I am from London and have been wondering if this community was still active for a few weeks.

I am Ex Royal Navy and hence the alcohol fuddled years with more hilarious stories that I can shake a hairy stick at, some sad and most forgotten in a drunken haze.

Going to watch the London Emirate World 7's at Englands Rugby ground - Twickenham, this weekend with my brother and a few mates. No doubt drunken story to follow as we stagger back through London on my way home.

Hope to share some good evening episodes with all who wish to.

For now back to work..................................................... 
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Hearing drunk stories is one of my favorite forms of entertainment. Hope you make some new hazy memories this weekend!
Thankyou - I'll shall try my best to be as hazy as possible.
=( I made this community, and unfortunately it kind of died...

I guess people just aren't drinking and talking like they used to.

BUT it's very nice to see a new post in here. Hope to see some more soon!
I have seen your bio and to be honest I think it is a brillaint idea for a community. I hope my post can help to revive it from a previous glory.

I look forward to posting again soon and hearing from others in return :o)
Aw, thank you. =)

Well, the weekend is coming up, perhaps I can get drunk and stupid in hopes of saving this community! Hehe. ;)
I hope you enjoy the weekend, if you can remember ;o) I'm off tmrw to Camden market with my brother to drink our way round the world and then to the rugby on Sunday.

Let you know how we get on if we make it.................