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Not sure if this community is still active, but its a cool idea and I feel like sharing one of my stories.

This particular night happened awhile ago, but was one of the occurences that helped me to secure the regrettable nickname "Blackout Brenna". 

Anyways, it was a Friday night, and I had decided to travel down to visit some friends at a nearby college because I was thinking of transferring there and wanted to check it out. When I arrived, my friends informed me we were to play in a beer-pong tournament at a nearby frat house. While I enjoy playing beer pong, I usually hate playing tournaments because 90% of the time you're not actually playing, but sitting around waiting. This particular night, I lost my first round, so it was more like 98% of my time was spent sitting around watching. In order to better entertain myself, I decided to play "steal beer from the fridge while the frat guys arent looking". I was about 4 beers into my game, when everyone from my group lost their rounds and decided it was time to leave. 

On the way back, my best friend decided to go visit a guy she had a crush on. Since I was friends with him and his friends, I decided to go along and say hello. We get to his dorm and start talking with the guys about the tournament, and how much of a shame it is that I suck so bad at beer pong. At some point one of the guys disappears and comes back with a tiny water bottle filled with captain  morgan, saying that his roommate is trying to get rid of it, and would someone please drink it. Me and one of my guy friends jump at this generous offer and decide to share it. So we're talking and passing it back and forth, and things start to get a little hazy.

The next morning Im being poked awake by a small, unfamiliar asian dude asking if i could please leave so he could start his homework. Apparently I had wandered into his room at 3 in the morning wearing no shoes and pajama shorts, asking where matt and kacey were. Since it was about 20 degrees and all the rooms are outside access, he had decided it was probably safer for me to stay there than go wandering around in the cold, and had given me a blanket and put me to sleep on his fouton. Highly confused and embarrassed, I apologized profusely and ran back to my friends dorm where everyone had apparantly been searching for me since about three o'clock in the morning when I had wandered away. In fact at some point they ended up calling the cops, and I heard from someone later that they saw officers searching with flashlights through all the ditches for "a little blonde girl". We called the cops back and made up some lame lie about it being a mix-up and a big mistake. The campus police ended up showing up at the dorm anyways, but luckily I had left to check on my car ten minutes before they showed up. My friends lied profusely about the whole event. 

Overall it was a highly stupid and embarassing night, especially since i ended up transferring to that school and into that dorm the next semester. I cant really remember what that little asian guy looked like, but I wonder if he sees me around campus and thinks of me as that drunk girl who wandered into his room at 3am.
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please don't take this the wrong way...
but i love you
somehow i haven't earned any nicknames... i should have by now, though

haha, thanks

im never really sure if i should be proud of that name or take it as a sign that i do way too many stupid things

This story should win an award. lol.

Good stuff. =)

If you could be so kind as to tell me HOW you play Beer-Pong, I might be so inclined as to love you forever. ;)
Do you mean what rules I play by, or how you play the magical game of beer pong itself?
Both! =)
Ah Capt Morgans - a fine tipple if there ever was one. However it is also know as "loopy juice" for obvious reasons!!

If you want a really baggy head try "Pussers Rum" but if your wearing shoes you had better tie them on first ;o)
Pussers Rum? Never heard of it. Is it a mixed drink or a brand?? Either way sounds like something I need to check out
It is a dark rum normally branded as Royal NAvy Rum ie pussers rum.

Should be able to get it where you are but probably not in a local store.

Enjoy but you have been warned of the pending headache................